Tiger Army

Tiger Army which is a Californian band which got into form in the year 1995. It is a very popular Psychobilly band. According to a recent census, this band is among top 1000 bands on the internet.

The band staged their first performance in the year 1996 in 924 Gilman Street, which is a legendry place situated in Berkley, California. The band than gave many stage performance along with AFI and The Meteors, who are psychobilly pioneers across many places in California.

Band recorded their first record in the year 1996 which was self-titled. Today, the record is popularly known as Temptation EP. Tim Armstrong (of Rancid and Operation Ivy fame), who also is the owner of Hellcat Records noticed this band and signed contract with them. In 1999, Tiger Army recorded their first self titled album. The album was out in October 1999. Later, Tiger Army suffered some internal problems and as a result of which the Joel Day(the stand-up bassist) left the band and was replaced by a new bassist, Rob Peltier at that time who was bassist of Quake.

While the band was on mini tour in California to promote their self titled album, Nick 13 who gives vocals in Tiger army approached a former band mate Geoff Kresge and requested him to join the band. A few months later, Geoff was a permanent member of Tiger Army. In 2000, the band went for Danzig and Samhain tour where they got acquainted to a Samhain drummer named London May and he soon joined the band, after bandís drummer Adam Carson left.

Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite, was their second album which was released in 2001. However, soon after its release London May left the band and was replaced by another drummer named Fred Hell.

Tragedy soon struck the band when Fred Hell was shot by robbers who broke into his friendís house. Due to injury caused b a gunshot in head, he had to undergo physical therapy before playing drums. Because of their unfortunate incident the third project of the band Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise got stalled. After waiting for quite some time, the band decided to record the album with another drummer Mike Fasano. Hell did try to promote the album by going on various tours along with the band but his visit was cut short because of health concerns and thus, he was replaced by Fasano. In 2004, Hell officially disassociated himself from the band citing health reasons. This proved to be a major blow for Tiger Army, which by this time was starting getting popular.

Few months later, Geoff Kresge also left the band in order to start a new musical career and started his own label, Dead Body Records. For this, he began recruiting band members for a brand new band named Viva Hate. Soon he was joined by Kamilla, his wife and rhythm guitarist Horrorpops. On the other hand Nick 13, announced the Tiger Armyís new line up which included Jeff Roffredo (of Calavera and Cosmic Voodoo fame) and James Meza a.k.a Wasted.

Tiger Army came out with their fourth album in 2007, which was titled Music From Regions Beyond. Jerry Finn produced this album.

In 2008, the band was busy touring many places in Canada, Australia, United States, Japan etc.